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SBRI is a leading and recognized organization located in Madambakkam, Chennai, which deals in providing the high quality R&D, project services and training to the students, researchers and faculties. SBRI is a scientific training and knowledge based service laboratory with deep focus on Materials science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Nanotechnology, Chemical and Life sciences.

We are committed to provide best technical services to the Engineering, Science students and Researchers. Our centre uses cutting edge technologies in Research & Development for making new materials/products development in academic & industrial domain.

Our ideologies are centered on science and technology applications of materials and methods to increase the durability of the components, improve the existing properties of the materials and combat pollution.

The centre has expertise in different fields and enables the students to understand the concepts to take up the projects.

Projects/Research area

All the project students and researchers will be trained at our centre to carryout the project/research work in the following areas.


Thermal Evaporation and DC Magnetron sputtering

This equipment is useful for the coating using thermal evaporation. For example, we deposit aluminium coating and other low melting point materials. Nanocoatings can be deposited using DC magnetron sputtering.

The equipment is useful for Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Physics students for their academic and research purpose. We can give training to the students and faculties.

UV-Visible spectrophotometer

This equipment is used to study the optical properties of the liquid samples. We can find the absorbance, transmittance and reflectance, concentration. The environmental related samples can be analyzed.


The industries discharge the effluents, which is highly polluted water and cannot be mixed with water sources directly. Hence, the samples can be decontaminated/ degrade the dyes in the sample. Using the nanoparticles, and with the help of ultraviolet/visible light source, the waste water degradation take place. This is useful for Physics, Chemistry and Materials science students for the academic demonstration and research.

Muffle furnace -1200 C

The muffle furnace can be used for the heat treatment/surface treatment of the metals and materials. The nanoparticles also can be calcinated with this furnace. We can reach 1200 C with a power of 10 KW.

Hot Air Oven-300 C

The oven is specially designed to reach 300 C and can be used for drying purpose. The synthesized nanoparticles/gel can be dried using this oven.

Magnetic stirrer with hot plate

This is used for the synthesis of nanoparticles. All the synthesis process needs this Magnetic stirrer with hot plate.

Salt spray chamber

This is used to analyze the corrosion resistance of the samples. Materials, Physics, Chemistry and mechanical students study the corrosion property of the samples. We need to prepare the salt solution (5%) and it is sprayed using compressor on to the samples kept in the tank.

Pin- on - disc – Wear test

We can study the wear, friction coefficient and frictional force of the samples (metal, composite, natural fibers). The software is installed in the computer and through interface , we can get the soft copy of the output data as well as the display in the computer

Hot plate -1000 W

We can use it for fast heating for the synthesis of nanoparticles and other synthesis process.

Muffle furnace -700 C

This is used for the calcinations of the nanoparticles, heat treatments of metals at less than 700 C and for the synthesis of nanoparticles.


In all the synthesis methods of nanoparticles, we have remove the impurities in the material and hence we need to centrifuge the solution. This can be used for both academic and research purpose in the physics, chemistry and materials science and nanotechnology.

Polishing machine

We need do the polishing of the metals samples for microscopic observation, any experimentation or for any measurement.


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